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Default The Dilemma of Tom Sherman

"marika" wrote in message

"JimmyMac" wrote in message
Why don't you hop on that caravan and move on ? Dolan mistakenly
confuses physical with social. Social contact does not presuppose the
physical. In other words physical contact is not a prerequisite for
social contact. That much should be obvious to one who asserts that
he is a genius. Readers note the operative word "using" and draw
your own conclusions regarding how Dolan regards the readership. Also
take note of the blatant fallacy that Dolan is merely thinking aloud
publicly, but to himself. If that sounds incongruous, it should.
Since when does thinking to oneself requrie a public audience and why
should a computer and internet connection be required? The conundrum

Marika wrote:

one of the even more fascinating parts of the conundrum is that he
probably owns a bike, a house and clothes, all of which had human input in
the making beyond himself
he also obtains utilities such as electricity and his computer has to be
operated through an ISP which hooks through thousands of unix boxes and
that charges him a fee for us

thus, not a hermit

Both JimmyMac and Marika have confused hermits with isolates. You can be a
hermit without any physical isolation. Our society if chock full of such
souls. They often end up blowing their brains out in some seedy hotel room
in some seedy city and no one even knows who they are unless they leave some
identification behind. But Ed Dolan the Great is a happy hermit. He likes
his life just the way it is.


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