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Default Remember to help out your fellow cyclists that use CO2 cartridges.

:: After he was done with the pump he thanked me, and I said something
:: like "how come you don't carry a pump?" (since he had spare tubes
:: and patches and tire levers), and he said 'I use CO2, but I got two
:: flats and I didn't have enough.' I guess I never understood the
:: logic of carrying CO2 versus carrying an infinite supply of air via
:: a tiny pump like the Topeak Micro Rocket, which weighs 65 gm versus
:: two 16 gram CO2 cartridges (117 grams), since you still need the CO2
:: inflater.

: The logic is pretty simple. The CO2 will work a lot faster than a
: little hand pump.
: The hand pumps can be quite frustrating to properly fill a tube.
: Now the logic on measuring things to the gram is something that
: escapes me.


You missed his point. He was saying, more or less "What do you do after you
use up all of your CO2 cartridges and then get another flat?" I carry CO2,
but I also carry a Topeak pump. It's the Boy Scout motto: "Be Prepared!"

Pat in TX


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