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Default Remember to help out your fellow cyclists that use CO2?cartridges.


* *All my frame pumps are small enough to count as neglible in weight
and bulk. *They have the advantage of Not Running Out. *Ever have four
flats in succession out in the middle of nowhere? *I have. *CO2 would
have left me walking.

* *I think what CO2 users don't like about pumps is -- pumping. *
Sort of like the people who join gyms and then park as close as possible
to the entrance so that they don't get all worn out walking in.

I too use air pumps for all my tire inflation. But when I have a flat
in one of my 26x3.0 tires while I'm away from home, I have to admit
that I dread the seemingly infinite number of strokes required to
restore pressure to the repaired tube. I take care to bring along my
Topeak Mountain Morph pump (which has a hose) when I ride my MTB or my
29er, just so I don't overwork a valve stem and break it off.

The other day, I topped up all 32 wheelbarrow tires on the 80-foot
pedal-powered rattlesnake parked at my house. I counted approximately
1000 full length strokes from my Zefal Husky floor pump, and I got
some blistery spots on the palms of my hands that itched for days

So while generally speaking I figure human-powered tire inflation is a
good companion to human-powered transportation, I can appreciate why
some folks might want to avoid pumping when it's easy to do so.


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