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Default Remember to help out your fellow cyclists that use CO2 ?cartridges.

In article ,

Maybe some people like the smallness and easy-stow-away factor of the
CO2 inflator. But, yeah, it does seem silly to drop money on something
that's totally free (i.e. air) and - unless you're an underwater or
space cyclist - available at any time.

All my frame pumps are small enough to count as neglible in weight
and bulk. They have the advantage of Not Running Out. Ever have four
flats in succession out in the middle of nowhere? I have. CO2 would
have left me walking.
I think what CO2 users don't like about pumps is -- pumping.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^
Sort of like the people who join gyms and then park as close as possible
to the entrance so that they don't get all worn out walking in.

I think you've hit the nail on the head.

We also have a fascination with stuff that does our work
for us in this age of electric can openers, electric
toothbrushes, and remote control handsets.

I used to put it down to laziness, but there really is
a pleasing & almost hypnotic, or snake-fascination feature
to just kicking-back and watching machinations, automations
and robotics as they (sort of) act like humans and do our
mundane stuff for us. While I hope to not be a Luddite,
I fear our tendency to rely so much upon technology and
to go the "easy route" could eventually rob us of
opportunities to acquire and maintain basic skills that
society had already acquired, but is forsaking and

When the technology breaks down and fails, we're left
high & dry, and looking at each other for answers and
solutions -- maybe looking for a sociable fellow rider
with a simple bicycle pump.


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