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Default Remember to help out your fellow cyclists that use CO2cartridges.

On Nov 30, 10:09*am, SMS wrote:
I guess I never understood the logic of carrying
CO2 versus carrying an infinite supply of air via a tiny pump like the
Topeak Micro Rocket, which weighs 65 gm versus two 16 gram CO2
cartridges (117 grams), since you still need the CO2 inflater.

Pumping with a mini/micro/frame pump: Slow, difficult, robust
CO2: Fast, easy, unforgiving of human error

On my so-called road bike, I carry CO2 with a micro pump as a backup.
Nice to be able to 'press and go', but also know that multiple flats
or a cartridge misfire won't strand me.

On the touring/utility bike, the weight of a Topeak Road Morph is
insignificant in comparison to the generator hub, fenders, rear rack,
etc. I'll admit to not being as concerned with the 'coolness' factor
when riding this bike vs. riding the road bike on a club ride.


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