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Default Remember to help out your fellow cyclists that use CO2 cartridges.

SMS wrote:
I was on the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge yesterday, waiting for
the rest of the people in my group. There's a guy with a wheel walking
around looking at various bikes waiting there, most of which were the
rental bikes from the places along the wharf. Finally he approaches me
and asks if I have a pump. He probably wasn't too hopeful since I wasn't
wearing a bike jersey (actually I was wearing my Phil Wood t-shirt from
Interbike) or tights, and I was riding my folding Montague hybrid. Of
course I did have a pump, but it was in the trunk bag, not on the frame.

After he was done with the pump he thanked me, and I said something like
"how come you don't carry a pump?" (since he had spare tubes and patches
and tire levers), and he said 'I use CO2, but I got two flats and I
didn't have enough.' I guess I never understood the logic of carrying
CO2 versus carrying an infinite supply of air via a tiny pump like the
Topeak Micro Rocket, which weighs 65 gm versus two 16 gram CO2
cartridges (117 grams), since you still need the CO2 inflater.

I was in the same situation where I ran out of CO2 before I ran out of
flats. In my case, I walked home as I was only a few kms from there.

I hoped, in the future, never to have as many flats as I did. Why didn't
I buy a small pump instead? Simple - I didn't know they existed.

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