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Default Cyclist hits granny in pavement crash in Brighton

Matt B wrote:
N Ron Hubbard wrote:

How many pedestrians *on the pavement* are hit by motorists every

How many by cyclists?

RCGB 2007 shows that "Vehicle travelling along pavement" was a
contributory factor in 4 fatal, 63 serious and 331 slight "accidents" in
2007. It doesn't give the split by vehicle type.

RCGB 2007 (table 32) shows 44 pedestrians killed on the footway and 522
seriously hurt. In total 646 pedestrians were killed on the roads in
2007 (table 32), of which 3 were in accidents involving a pedal cycle
(parliamentary written answer).

The cyclist concerned is a twunt, but from the comments, he was using a
"shared use facility", not a pavement which many in local government
seem to promote. The government should get its act together and tell
cyclists to use the road, not these stupid facilities that endanger
pedestrians and cyclists.

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