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Default AG: Make some noise

On 11/20/2014 9:16 AM, Rolf Mantel wrote:
Am 20.11.2014 15:08, schrieb dgk:
The type A
who insists on running in the center is a big problem since we don't
know which side to pass on.

I solve this by calling out loud 'Which side an I supposed to pass on?'
while I'm still far enough away to react on their decision; normal
pedestrians get a 'Hi' or 'Good day' or equivalent.

Usually it's not the runners who bother me as they seem to keep to one
side. It's the inline skaters that tend to take up the whole path going
side to side. And I find that a large percentage of these are wired for
sound and don't hear me.

I try to avoid multi-use paths where possible.


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