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How can I buy a bunch of the smallest size patches? Most patch kits come
with a
bunch of big ones, but only two or four small ones. The larger ones don't
on road tubes without wrapping around them, so it's hard to get a good
bond all
the way around, to keep the edges from peeling. I haven't had one fail in
awhile, but smaller patches would be better. Can someone get these in
bulk, and
sell me a bunch? I'm sick of paying $4.00 for a patch kit with 2 good
in it, and a bunch of crap I'll never use.


A couple of options:

Innovations 20mm tire patches box of 100 for about $18: =IN-9028

or Rema 1" (about 25mm?) tire patches, box of 100 for $14.75: =RE-F1P

Third Hand has Rema 1" patches, box of 100 for $13.37:

Also, is it better to remove the plastic, leave it on, or leave it on as
patch cures but take it off before using the tube? I do let my patches
overnight whenever possible.

I usually take the plastic off. Jobst also talks about this in the Bicycle
FAQ (now updated, with pictures, by Sheldon Brown):


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