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Paul Kopit
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On Sun, 2 Jan 2005 15:47:42 -0500, "Matt O'Toole"

How can I buy a bunch of the smallest size patches? Most patch kits come with a
bunch of big ones, but only two or four small ones. The larger ones don't fit
on road tubes without wrapping around them, so it's hard to get a good bond all
the way around, to keep the edges from peeling. I haven't had one fail in
awhile, but smaller patches would be better. Can someone get these in bulk, and
sell me a bunch? I'm sick of paying $4.00 for a patch kit with 2 good patches
in it, and a bunch of crap I'll never use.

Also, is it better to remove the plastic, leave it on, or leave it on as the
patch cures but take it off before using the tube? I do let my patches cure
overnight whenever possible.

You local shop should be able to get you a box of 100 small patches
that are made by Innovations. I think that Innovations also has a
patch kit with 6 small patches only.

I never bother to take the plastic off. Usually, it just seems to
fall off by itself or disintegrate over time.

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