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Default The Dilemma of Tom Sherman

"marika" wrote in message

"JimmyMac" wrote in message

Opinion stated s fact by one of the most opinionated and uninformed
posters of all times. Upon what do you base your assertion since, by
your own admission, you are to lazy to ever look anything up? Loyola
offers the following doctoral programs...

Chemistry, English, History, Philosophy, Child Development, Applied
Social Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology,
Sociology, Theology, Neurobiology and Anatomy Cell Biology, Integrated
Program in the Biomedical Sciences, Molecular Biology, Molecular and
Cellular Biochemistry, Microbiology and Immunology, Neuroscience,
Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, Counseling Psychology,
Cultural and Educational Policy Studies, Higher Education, Research
Methodology, School Psychology, Nursing, Social Work

I'll count 'em for you lazy fool ... that would be two dozne! On the
other hand, as previously stated,, Loyola is not relevant to this
discussion. Try to stay focused. Dementia must be a terrible burden.

Marika wrote:


Marika, JimmyMac is not for you. He is already married to a shrew of a wife
who fancies herself a psychologist and besides he has two poor old
longsuffering hound dogs which occupies all of his time. You would be much
wiser to consider Tom Sherman of ARBR. He is a civil engineer, unmarried and
rich as all get out. He also has several very pricey recumbents. I would be
your best bet of course (even though as poor as a church mouse), but We
Great Saints have taken vows of chastity. We leave the hoi polloi to their
sexually transmitted diseases. The only thing that matters to Us Great
Saints is Purity of Essence and our Precious Bodily Fluids.


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