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Default The Dilemma of Tom Sherman

"JimmyMac" wrote in message
On Nov 28, 4:20 pm, "Edward Dolan" wrote:
Just as I suspected, nothing but a hodgepodge of fields dependent on what
professors are handy at the moment. I wonder who would be stupid enough to
waste their time and money at such a limited Graduate School? Loyola
UNIVERSITY? Give me a break!

A hodgepodge of fields dependent on what professors are handy at the

moment? Thanks for for putting you ignorance on display for all to
laugh at. And the school of higher learning from which you graduated
is? Never mind. It matters not. Like I said several time before,
this is not pertinent to the discussion at hand. but like most
threads, when hard pressed, Dolan deliberately attempts to change the
subject rather than suffer public humiliation (read confirmation for
being the fool). Now back to the subject at hand ... when are you
going to become a true hermit and pull the pull [plug] on your PC???

Has it ever occurred to anyone but me that there are entirely too many
institutions of higher leaning that are sponsored or otherwise run by Roman
Catholics? It is part of the general brain washing of course that the Holy
Roman Catholic Church is forever engaged in. Get 'em while they are young
and you have 'em for life!

The Great Ed Dolan, unlike JimmyMac, had brains enough not to attend such an
institution as Loyola where the main thing that takes place is
indoctrination. All those religion and theology courses - what a total waste
of time and energy. Only the Jesuits could be so dumb as to require it of
their students.

Ed Dolan is the Greatest Hermit who has ever lived. JimmyMac is jealous of
course. He is stuck with a shrew of a wife whom he has to placate in order
to keep the peace. Well, he can write about whatever he wants to write about
and I will do the same.


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