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Default Bike rack for work car park - ideas?

Following on from Russell's message. . .
Hi all,

I've been tasked with finding a bike rack for up to 20 bikes, to fit
inside a standard car parking space at work. An added complication is
that we share the car park with a number of other offices, and since
we've paid for the space don't want to the rack to fill up with
everyone else's bikes.

Why not have it completely 'available'.

When it fills up /then/ you put your company's name tag on each rack
*and* circulate the other tenants of the car park with a 'sorry they're
ours - but...' letter suggesting interested parties meet with you one
lunch time so you can scheme another between you or they themselves
using your experience of exactly how much it costs and what to do

Not only is it leadership progress but you get to meet and encourage
more cyclists.

You can easily discourage abusers by a simple cable tie and note to the
effect that you know places are limited and sympathise (byt your company
comes first as you paid for them) and who to contact (ie you) for how
they can get their own.

BTW I'd be surprised if it is possible to do 20 and get access in the
space available.

Suggestion. Number the racks. I know it sounds pointless but for the
sake of 10 minutes with a paint brush it will have the effect of making
it look as if spaces are strictly allocated and policed even if they're

Good luck.

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