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Default Bike rack for work car park - ideas?

Russell wrote:
Hi all,

I've been tasked with finding a bike rack for up to 20 bikes, to fit
inside a standard car parking space at work.

20 bikes? I'm picturing even storing 20 bikes vertically like Glasgow
London sleeper carriage does for example and 20 looks unrealistic for a
standard car space if the bikes are going to be arriving and leaving
at different times. This link shows an 18 capacity rack but it looks
far bigger than 1 car space

Ask for 2 parking spaces and put one of these on it:

Each of these will take 20 bikes. There is no real way to fit 20 into
one car space.

They are not cheap but they are lockable so you can put a notice on
them indicating where people could get a key. They also provide
security so you know your bike will not be tampered with by randome
It has been estimated that each car park space costs 1500 per year to
maintain. One of these sheds removes 18 car park spaces, so saves 27
grand a year, or sgnificantly more than it's cost.



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