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Default Remember to help out your fellow cyclists that use CO2 cartridges.

Jorg Lueke wrote:
On Nov 30, 9:09 am, SMS wrote:
After he was done with the pump he thanked me, and I said something like
"how come you don't carry a pump?" (since he had spare tubes and patches
and tire levers), and he said 'I use CO2, but I got two flats and I
didn't have enough.' I guess I never understood the logic of carrying
CO2 versus carrying an infinite supply of air via a tiny pump like the
Topeak Micro Rocket, which weighs 65 gm versus two 16 gram CO2
cartridges (117 grams), since you still need the CO2 inflater.

The logic is pretty simple. The CO2 will work a lot faster than a
little hand pump.
The hand pumps can be quite frustrating to properly fill a tube.

Wow, I've never been frustrated using a hand pump. Granted I'm not using
the really tiny pumps, just the small pumps.

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