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Default 'Death by dangerous cycling' law considered

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On Thu, 16 Aug 2018 22:46:03 +0100
Yitzhak Isaac Goldstein wrote:

In uk.politics.misc Ophelia wrote:

Yes, I agree! Many times when I have been stopped at traffic
lights, I see cyclists continuing straight through!!!

QED. This belief that cyclists 'don't stop at red lights' (or that
they fail to stop at red lights at a rate greater than car drivers)
is so absolutely and firmly entrenched in the car driver's psyche,
that it has been elevated almost to the level of absolute truth. The
sun rises in the east. Water boils at 100° C. 1+1=2. Cyclists
don't stop at red lights.

Except that it isn't true. It's quite fascinating - not only that so
many people can believe so fervently in a falsehood that is becomes
almost like a religion. But equally fascinating is that public
policy can be decided based on this complete fantasy.

Except that it is true. At the moment, Whitechapel station has a
temporary entrance opposite a traffic-light pedestrian crossing across
the A11. A while ago, I had occasion to cross the road there four times
a week for a month or so.

More than half the time, at least one cyclist, sometimes half a dozen
would cross the crossing at about 20mph while I was walking across. I
never looked round, so I don't know if the same was happening the other
side of the road, but I see no reason to assume otherwise.

On the other side of the road from Whitechapel station is the Royal
London Hospital, so a fair percentage of the pedestrians were not too
steady on their feet. I never actually saw a collision, nor do I know
how many of the bicycles had brakes, but the riders were universally
what my daughter, a cyclist herself, calls 'feral' cyclists. Big
helmets, heads down, oblivious to the world around them...

So don't lie.



Agreed! He can dream all he likes but I do see them and they are always as
you describe - Ferals!

I never see 'normal' cyclists doing that.


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