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Default 'Death by dangerous cycling' law considered

On 2018-08-17, Yitzhak Isaac Goldstein wrote:
In uk.politics.misc Incubus wrote:
On 2018-08-16, TMS320 wrote:

And that one occasion put you at enormously higher risk of injury than
all the others combined.

Actually, it didn't. The driver started driving away from a red light
early and wasn't going very fast. The times I have almost been hit by
lycra louts, many of them have been cycling at high speed.

I was bored just there, and so sat and worked out kinetic energy for car +
driver as opposed to cycle + rider. The formula being 1/2 mv2 (can't do
superscript in ASCII), take a 1,500 kg car travelling at 30 mph. Take a
100 kg bicycle with rider. At what speed would the cyclist have to ride,
to have the same kinetic energy as a car? And of course, 'show your work'.

It's a fun mental exercise but in this case, I estimate the driver was doing no
more than 5mph.


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