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Default Causing death by dangerous cycling gets approval

On Apr 13, 6:49*am, Doug wrote:
On Apr 12, 8:27*pm, Tony Dragon wrote:

On 12/04/2011 18:45, Doug wrote:

On Apr 12, 6:41 pm, Tony *wrote:
On 12/04/2011 11:55, Doug wrote:

On Apr 10, 6:26 pm, * *wrote:
Should have been on the books years ago
You should read the wriggling by the cyclist groups, just like on here.
What is the matter with them?, stay off the pavements, ride sensibly and
don't run into people and the law won't be used, will it?

You source says... "In 2009, the last year for which road death
statistics have been collated, no pedestrians were killed by cyclists
whereas 426 died in collisions with motor vehicles."

Actually I think the new legislation is a good idea as it would apply
the same 'soft' laws to cyclists as there are for motorists at
present. So, instead of the cyclist being done for manslaughter, max
life, *he will get dangerous cycling instead, max 14 years. OTOH,
motorists who kill cyclists will still be given the same 'soft'

Also note that cyclists CAN NOT kill motorists so the whole thing is
still a bit one sided. It would be much simpler if the same laws
applied to road users as they do elsewhere, i.e. manslaughter,
aggravated assault, where an offence under section 18 carries a
maximum penalty of life imprisonment, etc.

Why on earth are road users singled out for special treatment when it
comes to killing or injuring people? Alternatively road laws could be
applied everywhere so that, for example, causing death by dangerous
knifing would carry a maximum penalty of 14 years instead of life.

Its long overdue time that these anomalies were sorted and the pro-
motoring bias removed once and for all.

Why do you only consider cyclist hurting motorists& *never cyclists
hurting pedestrians?

Why do you only consider cyclists hurting pedestrians and never
motorists hurting pedestrians?

Yet more lies about what I have posted.

That is what happens when you post lies.

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And there it is, the evasive reply.

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