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Default Causing death by dangerous cycling gets approval

On 13/04/2011 06:59, Doug wrote:
On Apr 12, 7:29 pm, The Medway
On 12/04/2011 11:55, Doug wrote:

On Apr 10, 6:26 pm, wrote:
Should have been on the books years ago
You should read the wriggling by the cyclist groups, just like on here.
What is the matter with them?, stay off the pavements, ride sensibly and
don't run into people and the law won't be used, will it?

You source says... "In 2009, the last year for which road death
statistics have been collated, no pedestrians were killed by cyclists
whereas 426 died in collisions with motor vehicles."

Actually I think the new legislation is a good idea as it would apply
the same 'soft' laws to cyclists as there are for motorists at
present. So, instead of the cyclist being done for manslaughter, max
life, he will get dangerous cycling instead, max 14 years. OTOH,
motorists who kill cyclists will still be given the same 'soft'

Also note that cyclists CAN NOT kill motorists

Whoops! Seems THEY CAN

Duh! You seem to have missed the point by a mile. This is about
traffic on roads..

The motorist was on the road when the cyclist punched him. He was
literally on the road afterwards.

It is virtually impossible for a cyclist to kill a motorist in his car
by colliding with it but it is all too easy for a motorist to kill a
cyclist by colliding with his cycle.

Then its a jolly good job it rarely happens then. 1 fatality in
3,443,478,261 miles driven isn't statistically relevant. Thats about 18
journeys to the sun & back.

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