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"Clive George" wrote in message

At what level do the drug rules come into effect? I do find it amusing
that I would need a note from my GP in order to ride a TT - when would
this be necessary?

(not that I'm likely to)


The UCI rules on banned substances apply to TT-ing, period, no matter what
level. The rules as regards a medical note from doctor are clear. I use an
inhaler periodically, so yes, even at my pathetically poor level of TT-ing,
I duly got a note from GP and lodged it with BCF. One has to set a good
example to one's offspring! I've made our GP aware of Nathan's sporting
interest and of where the UCI rules can be obtained. I asked that a note be
put on Nathan's records that if he requires any medical treatment, the
prescribing doc needs to know of the cycling situation and bear that in

Cheers, helen s


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