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MartinM wrote:

Simon Brooke wrote:

What is 'vet standard time'?

Hmm, you're asking now,from memory I think it's an average time that
riders do once over the age of 40; starts at 1.06.30 for a 25 at the
age of 40 IIRC and increases by 30s every year of age or therabouts; should have it all.

Or even the vtta as he

It seems a 50 year old should be aiming to beat 27mins 33 secs.

Oh good, so they don't even agree, then?

CTT says 00:26:54
And, as I say, nae chance. 27 and a half minutes looks a tad more
credible, but is still stretching it for me.

Never mind, I'm as fast as a 62 year old, apparently...

There are even Standards for 109 year old riders :-0

I knew TT's were mainly for riders 'getting on a bit in years' but
...109 ...I mean...

Old cyclists never die, they just get cranky...

(Simon Brooke)

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