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Default Go Simon Go!! - The result

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On Tue, 9 Aug 2005 20:58:38 +0100, "Andrew"

Conditions were a bit windy tonight
Alison and I were out warming up on the course and Simon was off number
2 and passed us looking very stylish and fast, nice low tuck, yellow
adding a touch of class to the outfit - Alison commented that he
looked smooth and fast
When we passed him on the turn he acknowledged us but didn't wave this
saving those precious seconds - the boy was on a mission
A nasty headwind on the way back slowed a lot of people down but Simon
rolled on looking smooth

At the finish, times were read out, I didn't hear Simons time but I did
hear the phrase "Bugger" waft across the group

People of uk.rec.cycling - you didn't try hard enough, there was not
enough will power from the group

30 mins 6 secs

Simon, come out with me for a few interval sessions and we will wipe
those 6 seconds of the map!

What is the average vertical distance climbed per mile for these

I don't know about 'these courses' but 'this course' is from here
to he
and return. As it's an 'out and back' course there's obviously no net
climb but as you can see there are small hills at Kirkennan and at
Screel. I'm told that there are a lot of time trial courses,
particularly in the south of England, which are on busy trunk-road dual
carriageways, so I can't tell you whether ours is in any way typical.

(Simon Brooke)

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