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Default Cyclist hits granny in pavement crash in Brighton

On Thu, 22 Jan 2009 22:31:17 +0000, Tom Crispin

On Thu, 22 Jan 2009 21:21:21 +0000,

A grandmother suffered broken bones and a bloody face after she was
hit by a cyclist riding on the pavement.

Perhaps she should have worn a helmet. As has been claimed
repeatedly, helmets protect against head and upper facial injury.

Ho,ho, ho - very funny - mind it may become true as more and more
****wit cyclists think it is OK to ride on pavements/run in to

PS - You never did explain why you published the names and addresses
of the restaurants owned by the Vietnamese guy who hit the cyclist?

Did you have a good reason to do so - surely you weren't encouraging



Many of the facts below in an article seem, on the face of it, to
suggest that helmets are not worthwhile. This could not be further
from the truth; helmets are an excellent idea. Children in particular
should wear them every time they get on a bike. The point is, although
there is no guarantee that a helmet will save your life if you come
off, it's 100% certain that your helmet won't save your life if you're
not wearing it. - Guy Chapman


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