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Default Four sets of essential points for cyclists to remember

Each morning going to work I pass about 5 buses. 1.20 saved and five
minutes faster. I love it!

What I love about cycling..

It's a form of exercise I find enjoyable - much more so than spending a fortune
to join a gym and be surrounded by sweaty bodies all staring into nothing and
hearing loud music. Much nicer to be out in the open air and changing scenery.

As a way of getting me to and from town when I've only a little bit of shopping
to do, it gets me exercise and saves on the fuel bill for the car - noticeably

It blows the cobwebs away, so to speak, and if I've been stuck inside all day,
it's a sheer joy to get in the fresh air.

I'm sure it makes me a more considerate driver, as when cycling, I'm a more
vulnerable road user, and this helps me, when I'm in motorist mode, be more
aware of the needs of non-motorised road users.

It puts things in perspective - closer to the outside world than when behind
the wheel of my car - I hear the birdsong when I'm cycling - I don't when
driving :-)

Cheers, helen s

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