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Default Four sets of essential points for cyclists to remember

omcom (dirtylitterboxofferingstospammers) wrote in

Each morning going to work I pass about 5 buses. 1.20 saved and five
minutes faster. I love it!

And that's only a 3 1/2 mile journey as well.

As a way of getting me to and from town when I've only a little bit of
shopping to do, it gets me exercise and saves on the fuel bill for the
car - noticeably so.

If I used to bus, to and from work ... 1.20 each way = 2.40 per day. 228
working days per year = 547.20 per year. The bike was only 370.

It blows the cobwebs away, so to speak, and if I've been stuck inside
all day, it's a sheer joy to get in the fresh air.

I even enjoy riding in downpours and howling gales. Well, maybe not at the
time I don't.

I'm sure it makes me a more considerate driver, as when cycling, I'm a
more vulnerable road user, and this helps me, when I'm in motorist
mode, be more aware of the needs of non-motorised road users.

I'm not a driver (haven't been in a driver's seat since I passed my test 2
years ago) but I like to think most of the skills and observations I use on
the bike I can use in a car as well. Like you say, on a bike I'm more
vunerable so I have to be aware of everything. Unlike some drivers who seem
to be aware of nothing.

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