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Default Did You Say Ebola or Emonda?

On Thursday, January 30, 2020 at 3:11:49 PM UTC-8, Tom Kunich wrote:
I am now the owner of a 60 cm Trek Emonda that is only a couple of years old. I will outfit it with Di2. I don't need the stuff that Jay is using since I figure I can deal with shifting without the "automatic transmission" features of the latest set. There is nothing that the original Di2 can do that is less appealing than the latest.

I'm really not wild about DuraAce since I used to use that before Campy became a real group maker. The different DuraAce stuff that I find worthwhile is the cassettes and bearings. The Emonda will use direct mount brakes so hopefully that will means that I won't have to add some angling of the brake shoes to prevent shuttering on stops. I have a couple of sets of deep section carbon fiber wheels

I'll keep you apprised of what is going on as it's delivered and built up..

Anyone in the market for a 0 cm Ridley XBow or a 62 cm Basso Loto from 098 - mostly refinished?

I intend to keep the Lemond, Colnago CLX 3.0 and the Trek plus my Backroads touring bike. Eventually I will also sell off the Redline though whether it is just a frameset or complete bike I will figure out if and when.

With the Emonda I now have all of the bikes I need for what remains of my life. Plus if some idiot runs into it and breaks it I can afford to have a completely new Emanda handed to me. I'm too conservative with the Colnago since it is such a doll I would hate to scratch it. The Lemond is presently my go-to bike with only a slight weight penalty and the Emonda when built will weigh in less than 18 lbs with saddle pack and water bottle. I intend to beat my brother over the head on our ride on one of the spring centuries.. His Look is a 54 cm and he is always bragging about how light it is....

I still haven't figured out what happened at the Tour de Fuzz last fall. There were 2200 riders and when I came over the line he said I was number 182 and my brother was on my wheel. I would be willing to bet that I was the oldest rider there.

Live and learn. Maybe next year I can get below 150.

The Emonda came in and I was instantly impressed. The headset bearings are a slip fit so I only had to attach a spare stem and handlebar to get the front end working fine. I slapped a saddle on it and what really surprised me was the wheels slipped right in with no pushing or pulling. Because it is carbon forks I'm leaving the lawyers lips on the forks. It isn't as if I need to change wheels in a hurry. I was rather surprised by the perfection of the fit - the wheels were perfectly centered. I guess you could use 28 mm tires in it but I get along fine with 25's.

The tubeless wheels I have I was using on the Lemond today. On the return from a 35 mile ride the wheels did a little walking around since at one place in particular I was exposed to 40 mph wind. But for most of the return the wind was around 25 mph and the only event was my friend Will saying about 6 miles from the finish, "This isn't any fun anymore". A slight rise and a 25 mph headwind tends to do that to people. So I took the most direct route possible back to his place and waved as I continued another 4 1/2 miles home.

Now, the spokes on the Clincher wheels are WAY tighter and you can tell that by ringing the spokes. And they are not effected in the least by side gusts. So I have to get a Shimano freehub for them so that I can use them on the Emonda.

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