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Clive George wrote:
"doki" wrote in message

I'd want 700c wheels, they seem to roll faster and comfier than 26"
wheels with slicks IME.

What you're feeling is the differences in the bike, not the wheel size
alone. You need to a) read up on what that nice Mr Moulton worked
out, and b) look at the range of decent 26" wheeled bikes (have a
look at SJSC/Thorn).

(did you know the mixed E2E tandem record is on a 26" wheeled bike?)

Certainly our 26" wheeled tandem is faster than our previous 700c one.

I'd be surprised if the bike frame could make that much difference. One was
a 26" wheeled mountain bike with suspension forks, and the other was a 700c
wheeled Ridgeback Nova. The ridgeback's heavier, and being as they're both
aluminium, they should both be pretty rigid.


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