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Default Go Simon Go!! - The result

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30 mins 6 secs

Not bad Simon, not bad.

Compared to whom ;-)

Compared to himself, of course. The Race of Truth is against oneself as
much as the other riders.

True. More so, in fact.

A PB is a significant achievement, but in
this case his satisfaction is marred by the narrowness of his failure
to achieve what is after all a purely arbitrary number. His average
speed was less than 67 thousandths of a mph slower than he wanted it to

Well, my times for that course for this year are as follows:

Apr 12, 2005 Simon Brooke 34:25
Apr 26, 2005 Simon Brooke 32:45
May 17, 2005 Simon Brooke 32:23
May 31, 2005 Simon Brooke 31:29
Jun 14, 2005 Simon Brooke 31:22
Jul 12, 2005 Simon Brooke 30:32
Aug 9, 2005 Simon Brooke 30:06


My previous personal best was 32:26, so every ride this year I've
improved my time, and every ride since the 17th May I've set a new
personal best. It's just that

(i) Thirty minutes is now /so/ /close/, and
(ii) I'd really like to do thirty minutes before my fiftieth birthday,
which is getting close, and
(iii) certain soi-disant friends of mine have been winding me up
something rotten - whilst drinking my whisky!

Yesterday there seemed a very good chance of doing it, and I /just/
missed it - by 0.3%, and, you know, that's very frustrating. The
Craignair Bridge course is of our courses, the one I find easiest. It's
pretty nearly flat with only two small hills, as compared to our Borgue
course which starts straight up a bloody big one. We'll have at most two
or three more cracks at the Craignair course before my birthday.

and if he keeps plugging at it he'll certainly get there. An
improvement of only 1 mph will take him into the long 28s. I'm sure
he'll clock 28 something before too long.

Why, thank you kind sir.

(Simon Brooke)

;; lovely alternative to rice.


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