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Default Causing death by dangerous cycling gets approval

On 12/04/2011 09:15, Simon Mason wrote:
On Apr 11, 11:54 pm, The Medway
On 11/04/2011 23:45, webreader wrote:

On Apr 11, 10:45 pm, wrote:
On 11/04/2011 20:52, Simon Mason wrote:

On Apr 10, 6:26 pm, wrote:
Should have been on the books years ago
You should read the wriggling by the cyclist groups, just like on here.
What is the matter with them?, stay off the pavements, ride sensibly and
don't run into people and the law won't be used, will it?

Love this comment on Daily Mail site

"Hi there, I thought I was an intelligent life form but there is
something I just can't understand. I've been examining your corner of
the Earth for sometime but I just dont get it? Some Earthlings ride
around in large metal boxes, these metal boxes or "cars" are big noisy
things that damage the roads they run on that spew out gasses which
harm the environment.

There are so many of them that sometimes they all get stuck and can't
go anywhere they also run into each other and kill the Earthlings
inside and sometimes outside too. Some other Earthlings use small two
wheeled things call "bikes" they are light and efficient and keep the
Earthlings that use them fit and healthy which means they spend less
time in hospital which is good for everyone.

Very rarely they hurt other Earthlings but nowhere near as often as
those big metal boxes. It seems to this little alien that the "bikes"
are actually quite a good idea I can't understand why most of the
Earthlings seem to hate them!"

Read mo

You have just confirmed the opinion of some that cycling only looks like a
good idea to residents of another planet.

Which one are *you* on?

A few days ago I thought he was loosing it, now I am sure he has lost

Judging by his pathetic attempts to claim that cyclists pay Road Tax, he
lost it ages ago.

Dave - The Medway Hide quoted text -

- Show quoted text -

See Janet in her car.
Janet has never paid "road tax" in her life.
Cyclist John pays it all.
The cyclist John pays "road tax", the driver Janet does not.

Simon Mason

See Janet in her car.
Janet owns the car.
Janet as the owner/keeper has to pay 'road tax'
Cyclist John gives the money to Janet
The cyclist John does not pay "road tax", the driver/owner/keeper Janet


See Janet in her car.
Janet has never paid "road tax" in her life.
Cyclist John is the owner/keeper of the car.
The cyclist John (owner/keeper of the car) pays "road tax", the driver
Janet does not.

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