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Default Another pollution from motor vehicles warning.

On 23/04/2011 09:48, Simon Mason wrote:
On Apr 23, 9:42 am, wrote:
The TV news this morning showed the appalling smog over London and
people with breathing difficulties were advised to stay indoors.
Doesn't it seem strange though that individuals are actually allowed
to cause such harm to others with their polluting motor vehicles and
why is there no legal redress to this?

There *are* fines applicable, although the culprits will get away with
it and we the taxpayer will end up picking up the tab.

What "tab"?

The "argument" (such as it is) for the ferocious taxation of fuel usually
relies upon the notion that some of it is imposed in return for the alleged
"externalities" of motor vehicle use (though no mention is ever made of the
masive societal benefits accruing from ease of travel).

You'd like to see vehicle-users pay twice (if, indeed, as few times as that),
would you?

"Monitoring in Marylebone Road, central London, showed that the number
of days on which polluting particles known as PM10s were elevated was
higher than the EU maximum. Britain has been given until June to meet
standards before it risks being fined".

Easiest way of reducing that effect in the Marylebone Road would be to stop
channelling the area's traffic along that particular street, by abolishing
the "Congestion" Tax.

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