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Default Another pollution from motor vehicles warning.

On Apr 23, 9:52*pm, Sleepalot wrote:
Doug wrote:
The TV news this morning showed the appalling smog over London and
people with breathing difficulties were advised to stay indoors.
Doesn't it seem strange though that individuals are actually allowed
to cause such harm to others with their polluting motor vehicles and
why is there no legal redress to this?

A lot of those vehicles are there because of you.

All I know about you is that you ride a bicycle.
You probably regard bicycles as cheap and clean, yes?
But they're only "cheap" because they're made efficiently, and they're
only "clean" because the pollution arising from their manufacture and
use is not near to you (though nearer than you think).

A bicycle is made of metals and plastics, which requires metal-ore mining
(which requires mining machinery), refining (which requires an electricity
industry), oil drilling and the chemical industry (plastics), fabrication of the
parts, electroplating, paint, and so on.

So you've got mining and oil industry, energy industry (all forms), chemical
industry (lots of), manufacturing, and of course transport (all forms). * * * *
Those things all rely on education, construction, security and emergency
services, health services, and of course food. *

Now, you consider using your bicycle to be pollution-free, because you don't
burn petrol to move it, but you eat food, so we're back to oil drilling, and
tractor manufacture, and transport (all forms) and the chemical industry, and
we should also throw in the water and sewage industry, and yet more consruction,
which is all backed up by education and health and security and so on, and so

http://airtext.infoshows how the pollution is distributed over London
this morning.

Yes, shame on you!

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”

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