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Default Ed Dolan the Great misses the groves of academe

Will the babbling brook ever run dry??? Dolan is right about one
thing. He is not substantive or he would by definition have or
express substance, be on topic and prompt thought, haviea firm basis
in reality and therefore be important and meaningful. None of this
describes the doddering old dolt.

On Dec 3, 5:26*pm, "Edward Dolan" wrote:
I wonder whatever happened to Freewheeling? I miss his intelligence. He was
a professor of politics at some college I believe. His posts were always
interesting to me because they were substantive and well reasoned.

I must admit, I am not substantive. I am beside the point - and invective as
hell to boot because I have always had to deal with idiots, scoundrels and
blackguards. The few women I have ever encountered on these cycling
newsgroups have all without exception been harlots.

Alas, these cycling newsgroups will never attract anyone who has the
slightest intelligence. We are all the losers for it. But Ed Dolan the Great
would have preferred to have had converse with college professors like
Freewheeling rather than the low class human scum that presently resides on
these newsgroups.


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