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Default Red Menace 36 update

chuckaeronut;1139021 wrote:
Hahahahahaaa, riiight :-p

Yeah, I'd love to come up some time. Pretty much as soon as I get my
motorcycle frame augmented to hold my uni rack. Then I can do an
Ironbutt ride and another half an ironbutt the day after, and I'll be in
Washington! Ugh, that'll be a long ride. But it'll be sooo cheap! About
$60 worth of gas to get to Seattle from San Diego!

What if it was in mid to late December? Is that enough time? Hopefully
Joe's healing up well... the sooner he can ride, the better. I bet he
misses it...

I have family all around the Seattle area, and in Spokane, and some
other places as well, so I could make it a quadruple whammy trip, with
some 2-wheelin', one-wheelin' and family-seein'... and hopefully some
mega-geared one-wheelin' too

Edit: w00t, 300th post!!

maestro8;1139027 wrote:
Hey Chuck, y'know Corbin got a Prius, and that got us to SD and back for
only about $50 in gas. We should all pile into that thing and do an
extended weekend in Seattle, eh?

Depending on if you guys don't mind cramming into a few tents in my
yard and taking me up along with you when you leave I can provide a rest
point in Portland on the way up and back. I've always wanted to see the
Red menace in Action.


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