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Default Red Menace 36 update

On Saturday, August 26, 2006 at 8:53:05 PM UTC-7, unisk8r wrote:
Well, after being distracted with non-uni projects all Summer, I finally
decided a few weeks ago to finish my final design version of The Red
Menace. It has a choice of 5 different gear ratios using common
bicycle granny rings. The transmission is my smoothest version yet.
Less chain tension and no crank play whatsoever. And a Hope Mono disc
brake setup, chosen specifically because the Mono had a reputation as a
sucky bike disc, and true to form, works just wonderfully on the 36"
wheel with no grabbing and great modulation. The paint is a red fading
slightly to brighter on the top. The only part remaining to be added
is the super-secret custom road saddle, in red snakeskin, from the
world's finest saddle maker.

|Filename: 36RedMenace.v4.SideRight.jpg |
|Download: |

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This sounds awesome, but the link is broken. So, could you please re-post the pic? I'm curious how your transmission worked.

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