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On Monday, June 17, 2019 at 11:34:50 AM UTC-4, Frank Krygowski wrote:
On Monday, June 17, 2019 at 10:57:09 AM UTC-4, Tom Kunich wrote:
On Monday, June 17, 2019 at 7:17:25 AM UTC-7, Andre Jute wrote:
On Monday, June 17, 2019 at 3:08:46 AM UTC+1, John B. Slocomb wrote:

As for Global Warming, his [Dr Roy Spencer's] blog, statement titled "Global Warming
Natural or Man Made" doesn't deny that global warming is occurring. He
simply argues the cause(s). Quite the opposite in fact as he documents
earth temperatures for about 2000 years in another article titled
"2,000 Years of Global Temperatures" that shows a fairly steady
increase in the earths temperature from about 1600. In "Latest Global
Temps" he shows a chart taken from NASA satellites that shows a steady
increase in average temperatures from 1979 to present.

Oh dear, Slow Johnny. Nobody argues that there is not local and global warming and cooling all the time; that's what climate systems do. Those are natural climate cycles. We're coming out of a cooling cycle called the Little Ice Age so any graph starting in 1600 will show cooling towards the tail of the LIA then warming towards our own time. Before the Little Ice age, there was the Medieval and further back the Roman Optima which were periods of temperatures even warmer than it is now, periods of huge human advances, called optima because they were periods of great human wellbeing, in the latter of which grapes were grown in Greenland.

The questions the Global Warming Hysterics (of whom Dr Spencer is not one) have to answer, and have failed to answer despite all their bullying, are the following:
1***. Is there global warming? They haven't even been able to prove that, the infamous, now discredited, Hockey Stick of the widely disgraced Michael Mann actually dealing with local Minnesota temperatures and temperatures in the Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec, from an inadequate tree species (strip bark pines) and in inadequate numbers (2, that is two, trees in the Gaspe, for instance, crooked up by statistical legerdemain call short entering to 390 times the weight of any other trees. The Hockey Stick wasn't even about Northern Hemisphere temperatures, it was about local weather in Minnesota and in Quebec, and even then the Hockey Stick could be replicated by Red Noise, i.e. it was easily proven to be random bull****. But the Glabal Warming Hysterics, like you and News18, carry right on as if the Hockey still stands.
2***. Is warming, once we accept the measurement of it, natural or unnatural? It's a key question, and if you root around on Dr Spencer's site, and the site of the scientist he is often associated with, Dr Christie, you will discover that key measurements, for instance interactions at the equator, remain to be taken and interpreted.
3***. What part of global warming, when these clowns (not Spencer and Christie, who're real scientists, but the IPCC clown car of climate thugs) prove it, is manmade? See, the Global Warming Hysteria is a neb-marxist redistributionist agenda that claims industrialisation is to blame. But it is easily proved that in the earliest warm periods in the first millennium of the Christian age there was no industry, and the Little Ice age coincided with the first and dirtiest -- all that coke smelting! -- two centuries or so of the Industrial Revolution. That's why the Mann-IPCC-Global Warming Hysteria tried to beat sensible people who know their history with the Hockey Stick to submit to the lie that there were no Roman and Medieval Warm periods, warmer than today, and no Little Ice Age, because those three events prove that Global Warming, if any, are natural.
4***. The Global Warming Hysteria has picked on CO2, carbon dioxide, for a variety of political reasons of which you seem entirely ignorant. Where's the proof that CO2 -- tree food, eh, if nobody has told you before -- is the culprit in any so-called manmade global warming?
5***. What other factors contribute to global warming, natural or manmade, and how much? (In the 1970s some of the same clowns, like James Hansen, who have been caught out fiddling the figures to "prove" global warming, wanted us to artificially warm the oceans because they claimed we were heading into an Ice Age. Imagine where we would be now if we had listened to them...)
6***. Are you aware that the IPCC itself has said that global warming up to 2% would be beneficial for humanity through an agricultural effloration? You didn't know that, did you, because you and the other clowns on RBT take your global warming from the Summary for Decision Makers, which is not written by scientists but by bureaucrats and politicians, with the main report by the scientists in recent years changed 180 degrees to fit the politically desired outcome.

In general, Slow Johnny, you should try to see the larger picture before you lecture you betters on how flat the earth is. At the very least you should read the scientists' draft reports for the IPCC from the first one forward and then check in the Summary how the scientists' statement have been subverted and flatly contradicted. There are samples posted on this forum by me in earlier years when this was a live issue. You're late to the party, Slow Johnny, and your guerrilla hits on a netsuke here and there have informed you poorly. You'd get more out of the good guys like Dr Spencer if you had a wider grip on the background and facts.

Andre Jute
Dumb and Dumber at the back of the school bus

Dr. Michael Mann made the mistake of suing an opposing scientist (Dr. Tim Ball) in Canada for Character Assassination because he said that Dr. Mann was a fraud. He could not do that in the US since we have Freedom of Speech.

Surprised that the Canadian courts accepted Mann's suit he asked for a delayed case to prepare. Dr. Ball's defense agreed on the grounds that Dr. Mann supply the actual data set that he used to generate the Hockey Stick Curve. Well, Dr. Mann certainly wasn't about to do that because he had cut out the Medieval Warm Period and the Maunder Minimum (Little Ice Age) which together would have shown the present climate variations to be of minor consequence and nothing more than normal climactic variability.

Furthermore, Dr. Ball had been supplied with the emails between the Mann team in which they said that since the measured temperatures were not meeting the predictions by the model that they had to change the temperatures and not the model. In an earlier case Dr. Mann had excused himself by saying that he was not part of that email group and threw his team under the bus..

In any case, since Dr. Mann refused to supply his temperature records he lost the case and the legal expenses of the case are said to be $10 Million which is FAR beyond the capacity of Dr. Mann.

I should note that in an earlier lawsuit in the USA Mann also refused to provide his temperature records but the US courts ruled that as private property and that Dr. Mann did not need to actually show his research. Isn't that a kick in the head?

So now the main exponent of man-made global warming has been completely destroyed.

I keep wondering why you waste your time posting your irrefutable proofs against
climate change in a bicycle technical group.

Shouldn't you be giving speeches at the gatherings where they show photos of
glaciers in 2018 vs. 1930, where the glaciers are so much smaller? Ask them why
they are doctoring the photos!

Shouldn't you be talking to government officials in low-lying cities, who have
been claiming that they are seeing far more floods? Ask them why they're staging
these floods!

Shouldn't you be addressing farmers who claim "last frost" dates are creeping
earlier and earlier? Ask them why they are digging back into old records (some
going back over 100 years) and forging them!

Shouldn't you be talking to the CEOs of shipping companies, plus the military,
who are wasting tons of money planning for new trans-arctic shipping routes?
Tell them they're wasting stockholders money and taxpayer money!

Heck, there are even people on Mt. Everest that are in on the scam. They've got
news articles about the melting glaciers exposing old corpses. It's obviously
done just for drama, to add to the piles of misinformation. Get them to stop!

This climate change conspiracy has infected governments all around the world.
There must be thousands of scientists producing "measurements" and "data" that
purport to support the meme. You're not going to stop this by posting here.
Get out there and share your wisdom! Fox News needs you!

- Frank Krygowski

Probably the same reason people reply to him - to be heard/read.


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