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Default Chris Froome: a True Brit

On Saturday, July 20, 2013 7:07:01 PM UTC+1, Bertie Wooster wrote:
On Sat, 20 Jul 2013 13:43:39 +0100, Judith


Born in Kenya

Moved to South Africa when 14 to a boarding school.

Studied at University of Johannesburg

Represented his country: Kenya in cycle races.

Turned professional in 2007 with the South African Team Konica Minolta

Lives in Monaco


Yep : a true Brit.

Come back Zola Budd all is forgiven.

Do you know what has happened to Dave?

I tried his mobile, no answer.

Is he enjoying a well-earned retirement holiday? I sincerely hope so.

Perhaps, as his best Usenet friend, you will contact him on our behalf

and let us where he is and what he's up to.

He's over in his natural environment on He'll be happier there, licking the wounds that he got from Alex Heney a few weeks ago.

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