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Default The Dilemma of Tom Sherman

"JimmyMac" wrote in message
On Nov 29, 10:59 am, "Edward Dolan" wrote:

He [JimmyMac) is stuck with a shrew of a wife whom he has to placate in
to keep the peace. Well, he can write about whatever he wants to write
and I will do the same.

There is no need for anyone to be stuck with another. IF y wife were

a shrew, I would have left her long ago, You know nothing of her or
our relationship so you can cut the crap and spare yourself further

She has to be as crazy as you are to stay with you. The two of you can go to
the loony bin together for all I care. I am sure you both deserve one
another. But I do feel sorry for your two poor old longsuffering hound dogs.
They didn't deserve a nut like you. They deserved far better.


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