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Default Dilemma - ITM Millenium fork on Specialized Sirrus

Colin Boyd wrote:
Although I'm delighted with the Millenium, I'm not so delighted with
the compatibility issues or the lack of help from my LBS. I asked
them whether I needed a carbon bung(?) for it and they vacillated and
basically said 'pay us to install it'. What I really need to know is
whether I must and where I can get a bung and what I do with it!

"Star nuts" must NOT be used with forks with carbon steerer tubes. It's
normal to use a bung instead - which just wedges down the steerer. You'll
easily figure it out once you get one (or find a better bike shop to do
the job). I don't know if the Millenium has any specific/unusual
requirements but I doubt it.

Aheadset adjustment instructions (apply to forks with bungs as well) :

Also, the Sirrus' 28c tyres are too wide for the Millenium! I've
measured the rim-to-rim distance and according to the chart at Sheldon I can use 25c. Can anyone tell me if this will suit the

I've got ITM Snyper forks and 25c fits ok. I expect the Millenium's
internal size is the same so should take them too. Good idea to always
allow plenty of clearance, though. Imagaine what would happen if the
front wheel couldn't turn if it buckled...



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