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Simon Brooke
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Default Dilemma - ITM Millenium fork on Specialized Sirrus

"JP" writes:

"Colin Boyd" wrote in message
8 months ago I bent the fork on my 2002 Sirrus and only now have
gotten around to replacing it

As you can tell I'm a dumbass so help would really be appreciated

I can only help your grammar.

do you mean got!

The verb get (got, gotten) orignally meant to procreate; it doesn't
mean anything else (except by extension of that meaning), so any other
use of it is (equally) poor English. But if you're going to (ab)use
it, 'gotten' is simply an older form, and thus arguably better
English. 'Got' is a modern abbreviation.

Simon, can always out-nazi a grammar nazi.

(Simon Brooke)

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