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Default Australian drivers carve up cyclists (short video)

On 18/09/2018 09:30, Peter Keller wrote:
On 9/18/18 7:46 PM, Bod wrote:
Cyclist death toll is mainly due to drivers, so change the road laws and

'THERE’S a glaring problem on our roads that is killing countless
Australians. And it’s only getting worse'.

cyclist deaths in particular remain stubbornly high, even as average
speeds, which affect road deaths, continue to decline. If cars are much
safer than 25 years ago, why are cyclist deaths increasing, from 25 the
previous year to 45 this past year?

Of the untimely road deaths the AAA reports, 1100 are due to how drivers
were driving. In Australia, drivers are to blame for at least 79 per
cent of accidents with cyclists. And roughly 85 per cent of reported
cyclist casualty crashes involve another vehicle, not a bike or a
pedestrian. Driver distraction accounts for roughly 25 per cent of

These stats highlight a clear pattern of deadly harm: drivers hitting
people, because of how they’re driving, is 90 per cent of the problem on
our roads.

Of course the Mandatory Bike Helmet Law has something to do with the
fact that bicyclist deaths remain stubbornly high.

That's a strong possibility.


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