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news[email protected]
A few days ago a juvenile cyclist was struck and killed by a pick-up

here in Phoenix.
Now (as seem to be the norm here) the friends of the family have a car

party to raise
money for the family. As I am writing this the news station just

another juvenile cyclist

Does anyone else have a problems with these car washes? It's like having

gun oiling party
to raise money for a gun shot victim. I don't think we should be paying
homage to the weapon
responsible for the child's death regardless of who was at fault.

I think it is more appropriate to hold a bicycle safety rodeo for the
community and ask for donations
from the families that participate. This seems like the best idea but

ANYTHING would be better than washing
cyclists' blood off of car grills to raise money.

The cops and firemen do that, or the body cleanup crew they have.

They can get $10 to $20 for washing a car, washing a stupid bicycle is

only about $2.
Too bad it was the kids fault, the kid on the bicycle turned into the Car.
He should not have been on the street.
Too bad you did not hold safety classes for the kids that live near you,

could have saved his life, but you did nothing, therefore you helped kill

You certainly make a lot of blind assumptions in your reply. Just about
everything you
wrote is incorrect.


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