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Default Ultegra shifter problem

Bentracer and Bentrider wrote:

gary wrote:

the issue is with my right shifter (i.e. back cassette) when i shift
into a higher gear (i.e. smaller cog). *the shift works ok but when i
eventually want to shift back to a lower gear and swipe the large
lever for the next lowest gear it does not "catch". *

Yeah, they do that.

the problem you are having is gummed up paws, what you need to do
is,get yourself some WD 40 and flush out the lever where the paws are
and keep working the lever until it catches and lube it more with a
slightly heavier lube.

That's "pawls".

And STI shifters respond much better to a hotter solvent than WD40.
At my shop, the thing we have around that works best is White
Lightning Clean Streak dry degreaser. After freeing up the mechanism,
I flood with Boeshield T-9 or some other light spray lube.

It's funny what some folks will tolerate. Downtube, barend, thumb,
and stem shifters cost less, weigh less, and don't fail this way.


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