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Last Words ? Just for fun!

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Old July 10th 19, 11:40 AM posted to uk.rec.cycling
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Default Last Words ? Just for fun!

These 6 Personality Types Always Need To Have The Last Word — And Win
Every Argument (by Josie Fuller)
Are you one of these people who loves to argue?
Have you ever met someone who has a problem with letting things go?
Whether it's a conversation about which sneakers are the comfiest or a
whole debate about if the moon landing was faked or not — some people
just need to be right.
Conversations with people like this can be especially taxing.
Certain people's Myers Briggs personality type and specific personality
traits can cause them to be more inclined to argue.
Some people argue just hear themselves talk. When they get bored, they
may even go on the lookout for a juicy conversation to jump into. Other
people do it because they feel like their opinion is more important than
yours. This comes from a sense of over-importance, and can lead to an
egomaniac personality.
Regardless of why they do it, people with these personality types just
can't help themselves.
A lot of us don't have the great debate trait in us. Most people can
just push things to the side or agree to disagree. Some just really hate
getting into arguments. If you're one of these people, it can be hard to
find a way to avoid the others. Some days it's like you're constantly
stuck between who want to disagree with you over every little thing.
If you really want to avoid debates everywhere you go, memorize these 6
personality types. These guys won't let you out of an argument until
they've decided it's done.
Start making new co-workers, potential boyfriends, and other moms at
daycare take the Myers and Briggs personality test and record your
results. You'll have a list of people to unfriend.

1. ENFP — Extraversion (E), Intuition (N), Feeling (F), Perception (P)
“The Campaigner”
These people don't mind pushing the boundary a little bit when they get
into a quarrel. They're the type to argue with you just because they're
bored, but if you're someone who's close to them you should be in the clear.
Starting arguments that could hurt their important relationships isn't
exactly up their alley. They will talk to you like you're a student, so
get ready to get schooled.

2. INTJ — Introversion (I), Intuition (N), Thinking (T), Judgment (J)
“The Architect”
This is someone who will never shy away from a good debate. They love to
be extremely well versed in things they're interested in, so if you
catch yourself in an argument with them then be prepared for it to be a
long one.
While they will be open to what you have to say, they won't walk away
until they feel like they've taught you something, or influenced your

3. ENTJ — Extraversion (E), Intuition (N), Thinking (T), Judgment (J)
“The Commander”
If you don't like being made feel like you're stupid, or spoken to in a
condescending manner, then avoid these people at all cost. They're
another group who will just argue for the sake of it, and if they even
sense that you might say something wrong, they'll grill you for it.
An argument with someone who's ENTJ could definitely end in tears.

4. ENTP — Extraversion (E), Intuition (N), Thinking (T), Perception (P)
"The Debater”
Another one who loves to bicker. They have fun seeing how far they can
go in an argument before the other person breaks.
Not all is lost in this situation though. Often times after they've had
the last word, they will sit back and think about everything that was
said and hang on to anything they may have learned.

5. ESTJ — Extraversion (E), Sensing (S), Thinking (T), Judgment (J)
“The Executive”
These arguments can get heated very quickly. They often become
frustrated with the other person before they even start to talk.
They are very blunt and will make it painstakingly obvious to you that
they think you're wrong. They also don't mind being a bit aggressive
when it comes to ending the conversation.

6. ISTP — Introversion (I), Sensing (S), Thinking (T), Perception (P)
“The Virtuoso”
These people have good intentions but do not execute the right way. Due
to the fact that they enjoy being alone, they can often come off as rude
and dismissive when you try to discuss something with them.
If they think something you said is wrong, they'll cut you off and bring
the conversation back to them. These arguments will be quick because an
ISTP will end it before you can even get your point out.

Name your favourite :
JNugent 3.
MrCheerful 6. - 1.
Mr Pounder Esquire 5.


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